Platinum Honesty (06/MAY/2017)

My platinum honesty is as platinum as Sub-Zero’s shield from MKX.
My platinum honesty is as platinum as the arms of J-A-X.
My platinum honesty is shown through my photography and poetry which is real ass floetry.
My platinum honesty is in the advice I give to my friends. “Say Yes” like real ass “Floetry”.
I had been robbed and manipulated by a Bronze colored woman who set met up.
I am still on top; cool ass photo shots; still screw and chop; and God gets me up!
I am not in the NAVY anymore, but that gold NAVY is in my marinara red blood.
I vape and cuss and ride the bus. I do not fake like a fake thug.
My platinum honesty is as platinum as Sub-Zero’s shield from MKX.
My platinum honesty is as platinum as the arms of J-A-X.
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Snowy Blizzard and Sun-Shine Triplet poem

Gerron “Jips” Lee


15 October 2012

Snowy*Blizzard and Sun*Shine Triplet


I’m in a blizzard below twenty degrees Fahrenheit.

I was constantly crying blizzard of gray tears dripping like a bag of ice

Melting. Anti-depressants snowin’ down my throat like an Alaskan night.


My freezin’ flashbacks keep blowing in my brown face snowballing me.

I’m trapped in my windy snowy bullied past. The pain blasts away as snow falls on me.

The flashback being jumped in a stall snowball falls on me! With my windy cries God’s calling me.


The wind is gone. The snow is Gone in the Wind like Clark

Gable. I blizzard the pill bottles in the plastic trashbag. The sun sparks

With angels. No more solar eclipses Sega-G black where the sun was a dark


Painting. Photo of the Sun’s photosphere is a pearl shining fireball

Over 5800 K. No more outside tear waterfalls, and inside firefalls.

I see my shiny cap and gown on. Life has blizzards and sun shine. God is your firewall.



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Ice Ring



Ice Ring




My life went in a complete circle

My life earthquaked. See the cracked ice.

Ankles Blues Clues blue. I couldn’t skate

I felt competition in the ring

I couldn’t see straight when I spin

Like a ninja I couldn’t flip


My brain was a ninja. It did full flips.

Red Sox colored pill. It’s an oval circle

My brain was Michelle Kwan. It did spin.

My face was glacier blue, and tears were platinum ice

I bumped into many walls in the rough ring

I was the benchwarmer so I didn’t skate


No more past like my L.A. days where I would skate

The place where Blood and Crip people deal and flip

I have the Egypt gold medal from the ring

Like Rolie Polie Olie my life made a circle

I am the ring because my pain is iced

Like a skater all I did was an orange 180 spin


Then I turned into Sonic and did a 360 spin

Now I have platinum feet and I skate

The competition is alive and not iced

In the feather blue air I rotate and flip

My pain is free because I broke the circle

I gain Flash speed in my diamond ring


I will help the poor with money and rings

My future is here when I do a 1080 spin

I’m rollin’ with my team as my circle

Ryu White colored car as the rims skate

Healin the world with my words freestylin like Flip

Bullied victims meltin hearts healed and iced


I am J.I.P. My heart is Iceman white ice

Come along depressed people and skate

On rap stage a dancer does a MK flip

My family will be supported as the money spin

Write and lift your pain out then skate

My life went in a complete circle


Ice is my life and the pain was my circle

Bright bulb white lights as I skate in the ring

I win with 20 spins and 20 flips


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9 o’ Clock in the Morning


9 o’ Clock in the Morning


Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! The green letters in my alarm clock are green as Austin’s leaves on the HT campus. I turn the alarm off; I hope out of my bed; I wash my face and brush my teeth. It’s So Krispy time like the rapper Kiashine. Then I do my five different sets of 25 push-ups, and I do 25 sit-ups. I feel strong as my dorm’s concrete. I can see the sunshine ooze out of the curtains: it reminds me of Cyclops’ laser blast. Damn.

I see the shower water raining gray as a window on an Austin skyscraper. I’m dressed up; I’m freshened up. I eat my Ramen noodies—sometimes my PB and J though. I step out of my dorm feeling like Johnny Cage with my sexy glasses. I can see the Sun shine in the blue sky. The sky looks like a blue paint with feathery white clouds like they were plucked off of that one Looney Tunes chicken. Ha.

I go outside the dorm, and show love to ma’ Black homies. My daps sound like BAT! My headphones are white as the beautiful white clouds in the sky—they are Sony headphones. I walk with this sexiness feel and appeal. The parking lot outside of Viara Hall has more cars than a Houston car show. The AL building is orange as a screwdriver. Na, I’m just kidding; it’s dark as an orange gem. Exotic. I’m almost to my Editing Magazine class, and I can see the silhouette of Austin: the skyscrapers remind me of soaring Goliaths in the sky. The green grass is green as amphibians, toads, and frogs. Its green saturation is shown. The soccer field is big as my future. But now I’m in the JM lab small as the alarm clock in my dorm room. Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! I’m late…………..

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Chinese Kombat 1- Fatality

Gerron “Jips”Lee


World Literature Group Project


Chinese Kombat 1- Fatality


The Madman is yelling “Moooove!…..get out the way!”….and “get out of my faaaaaace,”

The cannibals are as ballistic as Mortal Kombat 2’s Baraka with a Chinese culture to eat out my braiiiiin?

Disgusting…Ironic how the cannibals will gain my courage by eating me happily.

I’m bloody red as Liu Kang’s flames….FINISH ME!….doom doom doom…aaahhhh!…Cannibals Wiiiiin…..FLAWLESS VICTORY….

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                                                        Ice Zen

                                         The Yellow Crystal in the Sky



Grab a chair and chill it’s time to

Look at the yellow crystal; a bright view

That opens my eyes like Goku’s


Purple ocean in the sky as I think about

My life. Serenity is the sky, but my couch

Is this ledge. Grass same color as a trout


I feel so serene. No more bullies and pills

I had to depend on. I live on. Austin build

Ings are brilliant. Frost Bank same color as ice on windshields.


The yellow crystal illuminates the sky, and

The skyline is bright as Ryu’s fireball blast.

 I Yoga fire like Dhalsim. My mind has a cool blue Sub-zero contrast.


I smile in serenity, and feel the silent wind. The pain

Has departed but more will arrive. I breathe again

Slowly, then out. I didn’t lose life like Liu-Kang.


The street lights are the same color as

Super Mario’s fireball. I hear sirens and

Captain America flashes. Now my past just flash


Back. God is my moon. My tunnel is lit

With the moon same color as Swiss

Cheese. I “cheese” with a calm Ice Zen

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Polar Passion Sappho


Polar Passion Sappho


I will meet the one for Jips, my ice queen cool


We will walk and talk daily. Her eyes are jewels


They resemble brown crystals. Feel cool as cubes.


I will meet my boo

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